Arthur Seabury

Arthur Seabury was born in Sedalia Mo. This place was a small country, segregated, ghetto just like in the old southern movies. As a groundbreaking African American student in the very poor street economic environment, he attended CC Hubbard elementary school, (which was all black). The teachers and community embraced him very early. They supported and built his confidence to match any human being.  After segregation phased blacks into an all- white Smith Cotton High School during a very difficult and segregated climate, that embracing would pay off.

In Arthur’s first year of High School, he was selected the drum major in the marching band and drummer in the regular band. He was the first African American AFS exchange student to represent this predominantly white high school. Arthur was granted the opportunity to go to Argentina in his Junior year. In His senior year he was elected Student Body President.  After High School, Arthur enlisted and served in the Navy for six years and reserves for many more. Arthur lived in San Diego, California, until 1985 and attended Mesa College majoring in African American studies.

He then moved to Dallas, Texas and attended El Centro College and studied Psychology. Arthur has worked for Continental productions and TV 39, which was an affiliate of The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN). He also worked at Timberlawn Psychiatric Hospital as a substance abuse specialist. In 1992, he moved to Kansas City, Missouri and attended CMSU where he completed his degree in Psychology. Arthur then worked at the Scott Greening Center and commuting to Joplin, Missouri from Kansas City, Missouri. He later attended The University of Kansas School of Social Welfare where he received his Master’s degree in 1999. After graduating, he worked as a HUD servicer, substance abuse counselor, and school social worker all in urban settings.  He was on the board of Directors for the National Council Against Drugs and Alcohol, Drug Court coordinator, and National Center for Fathering. Arthur is currently on the board of directors for Missouri School Social workers.

Arthur has three children.  Two daughters, one of which is a Yale University graduate with her PhD. in Psychology and currently works there.  Her twin sister is an attorney who was awarded Top Black Attorneys under 40 in Missouri and one son who has recently married. He is extremely proud of them all.