Good Is Powerful Beyond MeasureA NEW BOOK: GOOD IS POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE written and collected by Rev. Melony McGant with a Foreword by Ben Vereen and a Special Tribute Section to Betty J. Tilman. Edited by Andrea Christofferson and Shannon Wong.

“GOOD IS POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE is a collective visioning, community and bridgebuilding project with a goal to share a light on the goodness of humanity and nurture the concept of Compassion Cooperation and Legacy.” — Rev. Melony McGant  

National creative treasure and performer Ben Vereen has created a touching Foreword for GOOD IS POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE.

He says “…. In the winter of 2017, I stopped in a small shop on West 48th Street called Scent Elate in NYC. This store is known for crystals, incense, Lamp Berger, fine soaps, scented candles and a beautiful assortment of items that can be given as gifts. There is something about the energy of this shop owed by Muhmmed Rum that is inviting, warm and nurturing.  It is here that I first met Melony McGant.

Over the years, I have learned more about Melony and her remarkable Mother, Ms. Betty J. Tilman(d), who was Founder of the Good Neighbor Project Committee (GNPC in partnership with the Poise Foundation in Pittsburgh, PA).  She also worked at the University of Pittsburgh in international affairs for many years and was one of the founding members of the University of Pittsburgh’s African Heritage Room/Nationality Rooms in the Cathedral of Learning.  In honor of her dedication, there is a yearly scholarship that supports travel to Africa for undergraduate students in the name Ms. Betty J. Tilman.  Her legacy is that of a beloved friend, humanitarian, international bridgebuilder and community activist.

GOOD IS POWERUL BEYOND MEASURE is a tribute to the humanitarian work of Ms. Betty J. Tilman, as well as a wonderful collection of Sacred Re-Memberings; where people of all nationalities on four continents who know and respect Rev. Melony McGant speak from their hearts.

They have many titles ranging from actor, ambassador, artist, attorney, business owner, chef, civil servant, educator, filmmaker, grandfather, grandmother, healer, mentee and mentor to minister, musician, peace officer, performer, photographer, publisher, psychologist, social worker, spiritual leader, student and writer. Their messages are united in healing, hope and light.  In poetry and prose, more than sixty people share diverse perspectives highlighting their life lessons and personal truths.

GOOD IS POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE reminds us that no matter how difficult our lives may be, there is always a bright light coming from within, if we allow it. There is a sweet voice heard in us that wants to guide us to the top of the hill to look out over the possibilities of any day.  All we have to do is choose goodness. The good that we choose can and will blossom over time.  Most of all remember that as we wrap ourselves in the light of GOOD we become the light and shine through and above all the darkness.  I invite you to read the many reflections in this anthology of GOODNESS.” — Ben Vereen

GOOD IS POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE: An Anthology of Hope! Author Contributor Listing

Kojo Ade, James Aloway, JRome Andre, ChiChi Anyanwu, Jason E.  Fernandez Bernard, Bruce Blakey, Dr. Stephanie Boddie, Donna Chernoff, Andrea Christofferson (Editor), Mary Christopher, Martha Richards Conley Esq., Rev. Cheryl Cotton, Sage Crystal, Ajack M. Dau, Luna Diagne, Naima Renee Dobbs, Ger Duany, Dr. Lucinia Dunn, JaRon Eames, Vincent Esoldi, Lawrence Evans, Dale Fielder, Sunya Williams Folayan, Rev. Dr. Sedrick Gardner, James Gillard, Richie Goods, Sylvia Golbin Goodman, Donald Muldrow Griffith, Marieta Harper, Dyane Harvey-Salaam, Marian Hartsfield (Grandmother Dawn SkyWeaver), Femi Sarah Heggie, Dr. Donald Henderson(d), Gerald Henderson, Victoria Horne, Melvin Hubbard-El, Joseph H. James, Jr., Brandon Jennings, Bonnie Johnson, M. Katie Jordan, Rosario Jorge Do Amaral, Mark Randelle King, Adam Khan, Dr. Martha Llanos-Zuloaga, Olivia Panella-Madji, Yamin Madji, Carol Maillard, Ellyn Long Marshall,  Mmasekgoa Masire-Mwamba, Carrie McCray, Steven McCray, Allante McGant, Rev. Melony McGant, Stanley Wayne Mathis, Regina Chow McPhie, Nasser Sundiata Metcalfe, Dale Miller, Jean Miller, Dr. Buba Misawa, Joyce Morrow-Jones (Orisanmi Kehinde Odesanya),  Lewis Nash, Evelyn Nelson, Rachael Ngethe (Malkiah),  Jeremy John Parker (Layout and Design), Rev. Dr. Ronald Peters, Donna Baxter Porcher, Tyrone Rasheed, Tawnya Farris Redwood, Andrea Pearlman Richards, Louise Robinson, Muhammed (Mo) Rum, Jan Schmidt, Carlton Scott, Rev. Dr. Ingrid Leslene Scott, Arthur W. Seabury, Robert Shockey (Dino Viper),  QueenAlena Jones Smith, Delores Southers, Joy Delores Southers, Yoro Sow, Mario Sprouse, Sheree Statum, Dr. Thupten Tendhar, George Teroy, Sebastian Teroy, Dr. William Tiga Tita, Rev. Charles E..Timbers Jr., Michael Vann, Ben Vereen, Daryl Walker, Bonnie Weaver, Nita Wiggins, Shannon Wong (Editor), Denise Woods, Dr. Robert Woods, Andrew Zaeh and Eshe Zampaladus.

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