Dino Viper, aka Robert Shockey Bio



From the concrete jungles to remote places on the planet, the search for answers was never outside, they were from within. As a vocal artist by craft, guided meditations began with stories for children to sleep and to release the pain from daily life. Shared with audiences worldwide. There have exceeded 2 million plays. With reviews from people all over the globe.

“I have been involved in the entertainment industry for over 10 years, working with artists and writers to help them reach new heights. Along this journey, I experienced many successes but also some failures that left their mark on me as well. It was only through meditation -which helped heal my own pain-that led back to finding light at end of the tunnel; helping others do exactly what you just did!

I combine hypnotherapy sessions seamlessly blended by frequencies tailored specifically towards each individual’s needs so they can experience rapid transformation without worry or frustration My stories will resonate deeply within your subconscious mind while guided meditations guide both body & spirit forward.”