Dr. Donald M. Henderson (d) Bio

Dr. Donald M. Henderson (d) (February 1931 – June 2022) was most known for his work as the University of Pittsburgh’s first Black provost. He made great contributions, pushing for changes that helped the University advance forward. Notable achievements Dr. Donald Henderson made was working with the Campus of the Future Initiative with AT&T and installing the first fiber network for the campus, combining several libraries to make the University Library System for easier access to resources, coordinating a visit from Nelson Mandela to Pitt, and served as the champion of the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center. He was a mentor that was present when anyone needed him, which resulted in strong, lasting relationships with those he met. Dr. Donald Henderson passed away on June 8th, 2022 due to health conditions. Aside from his professional life, he had three children, Shelley, Mark, and Gerald, with his wife, Bebe, who also is deceased. Dr. Donald Henderson and his work will always be remembered.