James Gillard

James Gillard is an accomplished playwright. author and filmmaker.

His films have been Showcased on BET and the African American TV show.

His plays have been featured in theaters across the country.

Recently his play If Harlem could Talk ot would Scream showcased at the Producers Club off Broadway in NYC Dec 2023

He is the author of 2 books IF HARLEM COULD TALK OT WOULD SCREAM AND CAN ANYBODY HEAR ME? Voices of youth

His short stories and poem have been featured in numerous publications.  Most notably NYU’S RENAISSANCE NOIRE MAGAZINE.

HIS FILM MANIFEST THE INTERVIEW was selected into the 2022 Hip hop film festival and the 2023 People’s Film festival at the Magic Johnson Theater in Harlem.

James is excited to be a part of the Good is Powerful Beyond Measure -anthology of Hope

James still resides in Harlem, NY.

The poster is the official poster for the film.

The LA Underground Railroad festival is the official laurel/ credit for the film.

The group picture is a behind the scene phot from my film WRITER’S  BLOCK.

WRITER’S BLOCK was recently selected to showcase at the LA Underground Railroad Film Festival in Los Angeles.

James is holding the book: CAN ANYBODY HEAR ME? Voices of youth

It a book of short stories, scenes and monologues for middle school and High School students.