JaRon Eames

JaRon Eames was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on December 21st in 1953. He is the youngest of six children. His late father, Louis L. Eames, started the first Black bank (along with 6 other men) in Baton Rouge in the 1950s and that bank eventually grew into the 7th largest Black Savings and Loan institution in the United States.

JaRon attended Southern University in Baton Rouge for one year, and then moved to NYC in 1972. He worked for Japan Air Lines for several years but quit to devote his time entirely to music. At one point he lived in Berlin, and then continued to perform in clubs in Germany thereafter. In 1998 he and Ms. Torrie McCartney hosted the first Billie Holiday Jazz Festival, held at the Billie Holiday Theater in Brooklyn, NY.

JaRon has also performed several times in Japan, including Nagoya Japan’s World Fair in 2005. Besides being a noted singer, archivist and journalist, JaRon is equally renowned for the many interviews has conducted with countless jazz greats, such as Nancy Wilson and Joe Williams. He is also recognized for his many books and recordings; all of which are available on the Internet.

Contact information: www.jaroneames.com

JaRon’s Parlor Jazz – Every Sunday 2-5: