John Calvin Brown III Bio

I was born John Calvin Brown III, January 28, 1967. Under the birth sign of Aquarius, son of John and Gloria Brown, brother to Ernie Davis Brown, born March 14, 1971. Aquarians are itinerant wanderers, always searching for knowledge. Honestly, I can remember coming out of the womb, and being held by the doctor, then put in the hands and arms of my mother. This began my life’s quest for wisdom and knowledge. Fast forward this experience; I was educated at the University of Pittsburgh with a bachelor’s degree in general studies, with a focus of translation in French and Spanish. Then I furthered my education at Robert Morris University with a MBA degree. I focused on several business sectors with a concentration in foreign currency speculation. Mrs. Tilman taught me how to be diplomatic, and make my life’s quest for wisdom and knowledge, i.e., the quest for love and harmony in the universe. I have not stop searching due to her counsel.