An Afternoon with Tyrone Rasheed, portrait photographer and one of the co-authors of GOOD IS POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE!

Beautiful People,

Today I was privileged to spend the afternoon at the exquisite Harlem brownstone of Tyrone and Barbara Rasheed.  Married for 47 years, they are one of the most Loving couples I know.

Tyrone was busy in his studio preparing for an exhibition in 2024 and allowed me to see some of his iconic, museum quality photos which can be purchased by collectors.

Former Ebony/Jet Staff Photographers Moneta Sleet, Tyrone Rasheed and Fred Watkins at the Historic Million Man March in 1995.

Tyrone and Fred Watkins on the set of Gordon Parks’ movie, Solomon Northup Odyssey over 40 years ago.

From Harry Belafonte with Common, Aretha Franklin and James Brown at the Apollo, Muhammed Ali,  Eartha Kitt, Billy Mitchell, Nancy Wilson,  Rihanna, Dionne Warwick, Ruby Dee, Katherine Dunham, John Legend, Ludacris, Kimora Lee, Fantasia, Maya Angelou, the Honorable Charles Rangel, Ben Vereen and LeVar Burton, Rev. Calvin Butts, Phyllis Stickney, LynnWhitfield, Winnie Mandela,  etc.  I saw hundreds but there are thousands! All I could do was Breathe Deeply and say WOW, Magnificent!

In GOOD IS POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE former Ebony/Jet photographer Tyrone Rasheed writes in his piece OBSERVATION BABY…

“People ask me if I have a favorite photo.  I don’t have a favorite photo.  They are all special. Gifts from God.  I do remember the great Muhammed Ali bought me breakfast at Salaam’s at 116th in Harlem. Aretha Franklin was beaming with joy at her birthday party.  I was nervous shooting Lena Horne and she said to me “Calm down and I’ll give you a kiss.” I immediately calmed down and she kissed me on the cheek.  

From actors, athletes, business owners, ceos, boxers, children, elders, ministers, musicians, politicians, presidents, presidential inaugurations and schoolteachers to flowers, trees, hummingbirds and butterflies, every opportunity to use my gift is a blessing.  

I’ve been given this gift of photography from God.  I love documenting moments in people’s lives.  My images of family days, birthdays, weddings, retirement parties, births, funerals and family portraits will live on forever…”

Coming 2024…


The book GOOD IS POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE is an Anthology of Hope with writings collected by Rev. Melony McGant and a profound Foreword by Ben Vereen.

The book is edited by Andrea Christofferson and Shannon Wong with Sacred Re-Memberings (writings) by more than 100 co-authors.

GOOD IS POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE is a Testament of Love designed to remind us that All People of all ages are special and deserve to be heard and honored. This is a Legacy Project that honors not just Ms. Betty J. Tilman but everyone whose name is attached to the GOOD IS POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE book.

Mark Your Calendars for Thursday, February 22nd, 2024 for the official launch when we will be hosted by NYPL Performing Arts Lincoln Center at BRUNO AUDITORIUM  Start Time is 5:30pm. 

Always, Melony 👑🦋👑
Miss Mellie Rainbow 🌈

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