Dedicated to My Beloved Mother, Betty J. Tilman

Because Her Love, and the Love of All Our Ancestors, even from the Heaven Realm of Eternity Inspires Me!
An Invitation…

When Love Comes Unexpected…

Beautiful People,

Sometimes our lives become like a rhythmic journey. One day we are sad. Then we are joyful. Then sad again.  We twist and turn. Sometimes we feel resigned to doubt and despair.  Then within ourselves, we meet Love Unexpected.

So we breathe and listen deeply. And we begin to question and wonder.

But before we can move on to embrace the Freedom that comes with Love; we must revisit Doubt and Despair.  Boooom. Boooom. Boooom. Aaaaaaaahhh.

And everything we never healed appears so that we can offer and receive Forgiveness.  Then we are asked to Let Go; but to take that which is precious and healed on the New Journey.

Sometimes, we hesitate because we fear failing like before; and falling into the water when we think we can no longer swim. But we breathe deeply and with Courage, we try anyway.  And Love is there to catch us.

Then we discover what it feels like to be forgiven all the sins of yesteryears gone by. To Love Fully and unconditionally means that We Let Go. We Trust and Allow.

Ancients, ancestors, angels, masters and spirit guides whisper and sing…

“Let Go. Trust. Allow.”

Ready to receive us, Grace calls with the Invitation. It is a message from Our Mother Father Creator. We cry joyfully as we learn to allow and embrace the Unknown. And then we are ready to swim the Oceans of Love; and with Freedom soar into the Heavens. Ting va boom boom ting.  Ting. Ting ting ting. Swisssh. Booom. boom boom ba da ba. Ting ting Swiisssh. Swiisssh. Ting.

Yes. Sometimes, Love Comes Unexpected!

This Is Your Invitation to Embrace a Tapestry of Goodness and Love through the Sacred ReMemberings of Many in GOOD IS POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE!