Dale A. Miller Bio

I was born April 1937, in Bridgeton, Pennsylvania, on my grandfather’s farm to a young single mother. My father was unknown and we only speculated on his background. As a very young boy, I had to assume control of family functions in support of mother, younger brother, and sister. When I was twelve, my mother was hospitalized with mental illness. Me and my siblings were sent to live with relatives for a short while and subsequently settled with my grandfather on his farm.

After graduating from high school, I left the farm and began a quest for a professional baseball career. This led me to enter the famous black “Negro American Baseball League.” Over the course of two years, I played portions of the time with Kansas City Monarchs, Detroit Stars, New York Black Yankees, and ended with the Indianapolis Clowns. I was drafted into the Army the same year with a promise of continuing baseball there, which did not happen.

After my discharge from the Army, I returned to New York City and entered a civil service job in the Postal Service where I served 33 years and ended my tenure as the manager of a very large station. While there I married my wife and our union produced five children, seven grandchildren and great grandchildren.  I also began my pursuit for an education and received a bachelor’s degree in business and was short of my master’s degree in Humanities and Religion because of a dispute and disagreement with my thesis submission. I retired and began a new job with the New York State Insurance Fund as a senior safety officer with OSHA related responsibilities. I retired after 17 years of service at the age of 77 years old. After medical setbacks, I began a new healthy lifestyle and continue it today.