This recording of GOOD IS POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE with Rev.  Melony McGant was videorecorded at the New York Public Library for Performing Arts, Bruno Walter Auditorium  on February 22 2024  by Francois Bernardi and is shared with permission.

With Deep Gratitude,

Beautiful People,

This Is the BEGINNING.

With Deep Gratitude I thank Linda Murray, the team at NYPL Performing Arts Lincoln Center for hosting the GOOD IS POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE Book Launch, All In Attendance and Every Supporter. This auspicious evening was filmed by NYPL Performing Arts.

In attendance were representing the Grammy Award Winning ACapella Group, Sweet Honey In The Rock were Carol Maillard and Louise Robinson. All members have been gifted copies of the books, GOOD IS POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE and the Sacred Nile donated by award winning photographer,  author and historian Chester Higgins.

It was a perfect multigenerational evening of Grace with brilliant performances by  Jason E. Fernandez Bernard,  Dr. Stephanie Boddie, Victoria Horne,  a Special Tribute to Betty J Tilman  by Dr. William Tiga Tita, a Presentation of the Betty J. Tilman GOOD IS POWERFUL Award by Fred Watkins to Tyrone Rasheed,  a powerful (though too short) Panel Discussion on GOODNESS led by Dr. Robert Woods,  with Naima Dobbs,  James Gillard,  Joseph James Jr,  Bonnie Johnson, Jan Schmidt & Andrew Zaeh.

Rev. Don Marbury was flexible because of our time constraints and gave a beautiful abbreviated rendition of his piece honoring Sweet Honey In The Rock which appears in GOOD IS POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE.

Co-Authors Kojo Ade, Jrome Andre, ChiChi Anyanwu, Bruce Blakey, JaRon Eames, Vincent Esoldi, Adam Khan,  Mark King, Stanley Wayne Mathis, Jean Miller, Arthur W. Seabury, Mario Sprouse and Shannon Wong (Co-Editor) were also in attendance.

Co-Authors Donna Chernoff,  Andrea Christofferson (Co-Editor), Martha Conley, Esq., Owen Gambill,  Rev. Dr. Sedrick Gardner, Sylvia Golbin Goodman, Brandon Jennings, Dr. Martha Llanos, Olivia & Yamin Majdi, Nasser Sundiata Metcalfe, Lewis Nash, Tawnya Farris Redwood,  Mohammed Rum, Delores Southers, Michael Vann, Ben Vereen,  Denise Woods, Eshe Zampa  and others including our website designer Jason Hee sent messages of JOY!

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Kojo Ade, James Aloway, Chi Chi Anyanwu, Jason E. Fernandez Bernard, Jrome Andre, A’ Marie B, Brian Scott Bagley, Bruce Blakey, Dr. Stephanie Boddie, John Calvin Brown III, Sheree Statum Camel, Donna Chernoff, Regina Chow McPhie, Andrea Christofferson, Mary Christopher, Martha Richards Conley, Esq., Rev. Cheryl Cotton, Sage Crystal, Ajak M. Dau, Luna Diagne, Naima Renee Dobbs, Ger Duany, Dr. Lucinia Dunn, JaRon Eames, Vincent Esoldi, Lawrence Evans, Dale Fielder, Sunya W. Folayan, Owen Gambill, Rev. Dr. Sedrick Gardner, James Gillard, Richie Goods, Sylvia Golbin Goodman, Donald Muldrow Griffith, Marieta Harper, Dyane Harvey-Salaam, Marian Hartsfield (Grandmother Dawn SkyWeaver), Femi Sarah Heggie, Dr. Donald Henderson (d), Gerald Henderson, Victoria Horne, Melvin Hubbard-EL, Joseph H. James, Jr, Brandon Jennings, Bonnie Johnson, Joyce Morrow Jones, Queen Alena D. Jones Smith, M. Katie Jordan, Rosario Jorge Do Amaral, Mark Randelle King, Adam Khan, Lynne Lee-Brown, Dr. Martha Llanos-Zuloaga, Olivia Panella-Majdi, Yamin Majdi, Carol Maillard, Donald Marbury, Ellyn Long Marshall, Mmasekgoa Masire-Mwamba, Stanley Wayne Mathis, Carrie McCray, Steven McCray, Allante McGant, Rev. Melony McGant, Rhonda McLean-Nur, Regina Chow McPhie, Nasser Sundiata Metcalfe, Dale A. Miller, Jean Miller, Dr. Buba Misawa, Joyce Morrow-Jones (Orisanmi Kehinde Odesanya), Lewis Nash, Evelyn Nelson, Rachael Ngethe (Malkiah), Jeremy John Parker (Layout and Design), Dr. Ronald E. Peters, Donna Baxter Porcher,Tyrone Rasheed, Tawnya Farris Redwood, Andrea Pearlman Richards, Louise Robinson,  Muhammed (Mo) Rum, Jan Schmidt, Carlton Scott, Rev. Dr. Ingrid Leslene Scott, Arthur W. Seabury, Karen Porter Sorensen, Robert Shockey (Dino Viper), Queen Alena Jones Smith, Delores Southers, Joy Delores Southers, Yoro Sow, Mario Sprouse, Sheree Statum, Dr. Thupten Tendhar, George Teroy, Sebastian Teroy, Dr. William Tiga Tita, Rev. Charles E. Timbers Jr., Micheal Vann, Ben Vereen, Daryl Walker, Bonnie Weaver, Nita Wiggins, Shannon Wong (Co-Editor), Denise Woods, Dr. Robert Woods, Andrew Zaeh & Esshe Zampaldus

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