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Blessed By Amelia…

A few weeks ago at the invitation of Eji Benson (whom I met through Ger Duany) I attended the launch of the #TulsaSneaker. What a pleasure to honor the legacy of #BlackWallStreet and the ancestral entrepreneurial spirit that exists even today. It was a wonderful evening with an amazing group of compassionate, forward thinking people.

“Amelia is a voice of vision and care, a voice of love … a true voice for the culture.” says @ejibenson

I am so grateful that she and Eji Benson surprised me and took time to interview me that day. Below is a little more info from her website about this Compassionate Thought Leader!

Ameliaismore Bio

Amelia Moore (aka Ameliaismore) a proud second-generation Cape Verdean who is also a recipient of the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award from the White House. Ameliaismore is not only a “Comeback Champion” she is also an Author, Actor, Educator, TV Host, Journalist, Consultant, former Record Executive and SheEO! Succinctly, Amelia is an
all-round talent & entrepreneur. With over 25 years of experience in the entertainment business, from acting on set to running record labels to even recently hosting and producing her own podcast and TV shows, along with volunteering when possible; Ameliaismore does it all!

As the SheEO of Buzz Builder BMC, her consulting firm, she believes you are only as good as who knows how good you are; she asks all her clients: “If you are the best and no one knows… what are you?”

Recently, Amelia has launched her first book that is an executive’s handbook on female diversity training. Entitled; “SheEO vs CEO,” Amelia aspires to help unify the gender divide in corporate America. The verses in her title is not about competition. Instead, verses meanthe words you should use for effective communication. In her book she explains, by understanding the inherent differences between the genders you will then see and understand the similarities. That understanding can then
establish a common ground and productive corporate DNA.

Her new TV shows: “Different Views One Voice” on MNN, and new podcast, “Sipping Something Sexy”that re-launched March 2023 enables her to enjoy her passion which is telling stories and discovering new ideologies as well as perspectives on life. Her passion for storytelling ignited her journalism. For the past ten years Amelia has contributed articles for Floss Magazine. She has written blogs and articles for UBCTV and Bronze Magazine. Yet her recent contract with NubianTV.net has set up 2024 to be one of her most successful years yet! Hip Hop Tour is in its first season airing on Roku, Visio, Firetv, Vuiit & Amazon Prime every Monday at 8pm(EST.) As a board member of Floss Magazine she hopes to broaden the scope for their readers to enjoy the numerous lifestyles life has to offer, even if its vicariously.

Amelia’s life story has always been… find, grow, elevate, and repeat with something new again. An example of that ideology was Bronze Magazine. Bronze Magazine’s very first article was on Amelia Moore. She then, segued into being a contributor for the publication as Ameliaismore writing most of the magazine’s cover stories. Five years later, Bronze Magazine then chose Ameliaismore to grace the cover of their magazine to celebrate their 5th anniversary and remind their readers of the magazine’s growth. Succinctly, Education, Child Advocacy along with women empowerment and paying tribute to the roots of our music is Amelia’s ministry!

Acknowledged for her work Amelia recently became a recipient of Schneps Media, Powerful Women in Business Award. Other awards include the Black Excellence in Business Award from Tennessee State, a Proclamation from Brooklyn Borough President now NYC Mayor Eric Adams for her dedication to women empowerment and a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition from Congressional Member Grace Meng. Amelia is always seeking what she can do next to help make tomorrow better than today. In August of 2018 she received a letter of recognition from NYC Mayor DeBlasio for her work with a South Bronx step team who stopped gun violence in their community for 276 consecutive days. Amelia expanded their advocacy along with her business partner Alisa Pratt to other locations such as: LA for WE Day sponsored by WE, Texas for SXSW sponsored by Female Quotient and Cannes, France for Cannes Lions sponsored by Facebook. The girls also were on ABC receiving a $20K grant to continue their advocacy from Allstate and then appeared on a Times Square billboard during Advertising Week sponsored by Shelly Zalis and Clear Channel. Our children can do anything they just need to know how!

Whether it’s speaking in front of the United Nations NGO Center for Media and Peace Initiatives, the US Chinese Chamber of Commerce, the National Black MBA Association, or the Far Rockaway PTA or helping launch a new national non-profit igniting progressive change for humanity titled: @Amer_Icanican, Amelia welcomes every opportunity to teach, inform and advocate. Which is why her next move is to radio. Generating progressive communication for positive social change where a woman is judged by her skill set and not her gender. Yes! @ameliaismore is your host with the most who is more than what you bargained for so…. stay tuned for Moore!

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