Honoring the Life of Vincent Esoldi

Honoring the Life of Vincent Esoldi!

Beautiful People,

I am pensive today. GOOD IS POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE Co-Author, Joy Spirit and My Dear Friend Vincent Esoldi has unexpectedly joined the Ancestors.

Vinny and I first met in 2000 when I was the Storyteller at Barnes & Noble Lincoln Triangle when I did a reading of his wonderful children’s book, May Maisey Moo!

Honoring the Life of Vincent Esoldi

Oh My Goodneess!  There have been so many years of laughter, hugs and occasional tears as we journeyed together through the joys and sorrows of life.

Often Vinny spoke of his meeting with #PresidentBarackObama. I am pleased that in GOOD IS POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE book photo collage, there is a photo of them together.   In the book Vinny writes about his joyful meeting with His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama.

Fortunately I saw Vincent Esoldi on February 22 2024 at the launch of our new book with 10O Co-Authors GOOD IS POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE at BRUNO AUDITORIUM,  NYPL Performing Arts, Lincoln Center.

Please Call Your Loved Ones!

Dearest Vinny…May Your Spirit Soar Into Eternity Knowing You Are Cherished and Loved!


Always, Melony 👑❤️👑


Born: April 9, 1947

Ascended: May 17, 2024

By MaryLynn Schiavi

Vincent Esoldi lived life with gusto, creativity, and a passion for theater, entertainment, and politics. When asked what his life’s goal was, he would emphatically say, “To make people happy. To bring people joy through entertainment.”

While Vincent lived in New York City, and Stroudsburg, PA, for a number of years, he was raised in Stirling, New Jersey, where he passed away on May 17, 2024, at the age of 77.

The highlights of his career include his production of ‘Ballet Stars’ that featured dancers performing In Liberty State Park against the backdrop of the glittering New York City skyline, as well as decades working in wardrobe and hair for productions such as Barnum, Dreamgirls, Cats, Hairspray, and for Radio City Music Hall as a member of I.A.T.S.E. Local 764 Wardrobe and Local 798 Hairdressers.

He also conceived, staged, and produced the Annual “Night of a Thousand Gypsies Awards” Recipients and coordinated the New Jersey Summer Festival, West Side Story’s 30th Anniversary Concert and the Centennial of the Statue of Liberty and donated his time to local productions in Summit, New Jersey’s Metropolitan Musical Theater and Overlook Musical Theater.

He established Mae Pro Inc., a not-for-profit theater organization to honor the memory of his mother, Mary A. Esoldi who shared his passion for theater.  During his journey on Broadway, Vincent collected the autographs of more than 300 celebrities which has become known as The Autograph Suit and has been described by former Curator Dwight Bowers of the Smithsonian Institute as “…a fabric equivalent to the walls of Sardi’s or the Hollywood walk of fame!” This year marked the 50th anniversary of the suit which began with Ethel Merman’s signature.

Earlier this year, Vincent was honored as a contributor and Co-Author to the newly released book, Good Is Powerful Beyond Measure, collected and written by Rev. Melony A. McGant.

Employing his boundless creativity, he also created the story of May Maisey Moo, a children’s book which he co-authored with Robert Bourdeaux that tells the tale of a famous Broadway heifer and her bovine friends.

Vincent was a champion for others in need and despite his own health issues, he always put the health and happiness of others before him.  Vincent’s warm and caring nature, as well as his quick and sardonic wit, would make everyone in his presence immediately feel a sense of joy, which is what drove all of his endeavors.

He leaves behind dozens of friends and family who will dearly miss the laughter and ever-flowing ideas that poured from his inventive mind.

Vincent Esoldi has worked in many fields within the entertainment industry. He is a retired member of I.A.T.S.E. Local 764 Wardrobe and Local 798 Hairdressers. Within Broadway, he was a Costume & Properties Coordinator / Dresser/ Hairstylist. Some notable works he conceived, staged, and produced was the Annual “Night of a Thousand Gypsies Awards” Recipients. Vincent was also apart of coordinating events that occurred at the New Jersey Summer Festival, such West Side Story’s 30th Anniversary Concert and the Centennial of the Statue of Liberty.

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