Lewis Nash


Grammy Award Winning Drummer & Educator #LewisNash offers an emotional and thought provoking piece called “HINDSIGHT 2020…

In it he writes… On May 25th, 2020, Memorial Day, the world witnessed the racist, barbaric, inhumane torture and murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. On June 4th, I watched the first of three memorial services being held for Mr. Floyd.

I watched from the living room of my house here in Phoenix while sitting beneath a wall filled with photos of my deceased parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and other relatives and ancestors.  You see, this was my parents’ house, where so many joyous family gatherings and celebrations took place.

As I watched the service and listened to the songs and words of the various speakers, my feelings vacillated between sadness, anger, encouragement, and hope.  As the service drew to a close, everyone was asked to stand in silence for eight minutes and forty-six seconds– the length of time that police officers had remained with their knees on Mr. Floyd’s neck and body. I stood, faced the photos of my ancestors, acknowledged them and all they’d endured during their lifetimes here in America, bowed my head and immersed myself fully into the present moment.

Tears streamed down my face as I experienced the almost 9 minutes, reflecting on how Mr. Floyd suffered before he took his last breath. I took several deep breaths to try and calm the emotions I was feeling, and suddenly it hit me–that what I was doing at that moment, taking deep breaths, was something Mr. Floyd was being callously and deliberately prevented from doing! After the incident in Minneapolis happened, my two adult daughters reached out to me from New York City to express their shock, outrage and concern. They realize that in America, it could very well have been their father with a racist police officer’s knee on his neck…”

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